Lukasz Forster

Digital Media Services

London, UK based Freelancer specialising in Photography, Video Work and WordPress Web Design

Hi, my name is Lukasz and I’m a Freelancer offering Digital Media Services in London, UKMy main areas of expertise are Photography, Video Production & WordPress Web Design. Feel free to look through the website and checkout all my works. Some of the projects worth highlighting are:

  • Production of “Welcome Back” Music Video for a UK Rap & Hip-Hop artist: Marvin
  • Photography and Design of an album cover for Marvin‘s “Welcome Back” single
  • Promotional photo shoot (including eCommerce product photography) for a clothing brand: Creamie Cash (featuring Caleb Femi)
  • Video editor for Comfort Forster’s Youtube Channel.

Below you can find a very generalised starting price guide for my services.

*Please note that each project will be priced individually after discussing your requirements etc.




Portraits & Headshots
eCommerce Products Photos
Real Estate Property

Web Design



One and Multi Page design
eCommerce Shops
Hosting & Maintenance

Video Work



Music Videos
Promotional / Ads
Video Editing
Lukasz Forster